June 12, 2019 1 min read

Detail Menswear | Store Feature Series | Episode 2

"I want to say in 20-30 years time that Detail Menswear was the place that I bought my first suit"

As part of our 'Store Feature Series' for 2018, we recently headed for Carlow and Kilkenny to visit Philip and Karl of Detail Menswear. Both owners of an incredible and well established business, we talked all things heritage, fashion and detailed how the retail trade has evolved through generations.

We want to tell the real story of our retailers, going back to the roots to showcase how it all began through the lens of a camera. As part of this, we were delighted to be joined by Philip and Karl's dad, Tom McDonald, a true gentleman and local legend.

Watch below and get a magical insight into this special menswear business. Here is how we got on...!!!