March 31, 2020 3 min read

We are all sitting at home, most of us relaxing, so it's a perfect time to sit back, relax and take a browse at our top groomswear looks for 2020. The big occasion is fast approaching and us guys all need to look and feel super sharp on the all important day. While the focus of a wedding remains traditionally, and quite rightly, on the bride, she's not the only one under pressure to look their best walking up that aisle.

Here are our top grooms wear looks (and some tips long the way) for the season ahead.

1.> James Navy _ Anthony Grey Waistcoat

If you like to keep is simple, refined and classy, then look no further (well, maybe scroll to the bottom of this blog post before you decide fully). The James navy is by far our most popular suit in our mix and match Wedding collection and this sleek number goes with almost every combination, and in any format it always looks divine.

Matched with our 'Anthony' waistcoat, this combo is definitely one to consider. This may also be a look for your groomsmen should you decide to take on a more daring look.

Benetti Menswear Wedding Collections

 2.> Tails Jacket

Tails is back, and we simply love it. Similar to the look above, we advise keeping the waistcoat simple and refined, letting the jacket do all the talking. The drop on the jacket isn't as long as you would once have seen them in the past, giving it that contemporary feel for the modern man. If you like something different but don't want to stray too far from the basics then this is the look for you.

Benetti Tails Jacket

3.> Alexander | Walter | Julius Contrast Jacket

The James navy suit is the foundation to any great outfit, match it with a sophisticated contrast jacket to compliment and your grooms look is complete. Stand apart and set the tone for the day with a detailed contrast jacket, styling  your groomsmen with the matching waistcoat, navy jacket and trouser.

Yes, navy is a popular colour but for most Irish guys, it suits our complexion.

Benetti Menswear Wedding Jacket

Alexander Wedding Jacket

Below is a typical example of how the Groom and Groomsmen may style themselves, or how the bride may style the guys. Remember, the groom needs to stand apart but also keep his groomsmen on the same track. The Julius contrast jacket is a new addition to the Spring Summer collections, this check piece is certainly one you'll be seeing walking up that aisle over the coming months.

Top Tip : We always recommend to buy something you can wear again. With any of our contrast jackets, you can consider them a smart blazer for your next smart casual event.

Julius Wedding Jacket

Julius Waistcoat By Benetti Menswear

4.>  Jonny Regency Grey Suit

Grey is a colour that has been taking a break over the past number of years but it is back and this season we are sure to see an injection of it throughout our seasonal Weddings. Always considered a dull and dark colour, this mix and match suit is defined by the way you style it. 

If you want to move away from the regular blue and navy's then this is most definitely a sleek and sophisticated option.

Top Tip : The Jonny grey suit is now part of our mix and match collection, and most importantly it becomes available in both tailored and comfort fit. So remember, if you have any of the guys who find it difficult to get fitted then be sure to consider all of our options in the mix and match range.

Regency By Benetti Wedding Jacket

5.> The Tuxedo

Ah yes, the most important of them all, the classic tuxedo. Whether you are getting married or not, you must consider investing in a pin sharp tuxedo, it is one that will always stand you in good stead for future black tie events.

Top Tip: In ten years time when you look back on those Wedding photos, remember a tuxedo is one that is timeless and always on trend.

Benetti Black Tuxedo

If black isn't your colour then not to worry, we have a range of contrasting colours that may tickle your fancy.

Elton Wine Tuxedo

Elton Grey Tuxedo By Benetti

... and if you really want to stand out and look super sharp, here is Nicky Byrne with some combinations of our new tuxedos for Spring Summer. 

Nicky Byrne Dancing With The Stars

So there you have it, our top looks and top tips for Grooms in 2020. You can browse our full Wedding Collection online here at . Our new grooms wear collection embodies with its fresh colours, classic styles and smart designs to suit and fit all sizes. An astute choice for all smart events, the new collection is tailored for both tapered or comfort fit.

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